Reporting Abuse & Neglect

KS – Cruelty – Consolidated Cruelty and Animal Fighting Laws

K. S. A. 21-6411 – 6418; 21-5504
The Kansas anti-cruelty statutes define cruelty to animals as knowingly killing, injuring, maiming, torturing, burning or mutilating any animal. Also included as cruelty are abandoning any animal, failing to provide food, horse-tripping, and poisoning any domestic animal, unlawful disposition of animals, dog and cock-fighting. Cruelty to animals may be a misdemeanor or a felony. Exceptions are made for such things as veterinary practices, research experiments, rodeo and farming practices, euthanasia, and pest control. It is also illegal to allow a dangerous animal to run at large or to engage in sodomy with an animal.

If you suspect a case of neglect or cruelty, report the situation. An animal’s life could depend on you. Report to your local authorities first.

McPherson County Sheriff’s Office: 620-245-1225

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