Golden Hearts Cats

Special Cats looking for Special Homes

“I might be shy, or a little bit rough around the edges. Maybe I was surrendered by the only family I’ve ever known, and it’s not so easy for me to trust others. I might be approaching my senior years, and have spent most of my life right here in this shelter.

But look closely and you will see a golden heart that has so much love to give to my forever family. Please consider opening up your home to a cat like me. I don’t need much – just shelter, food, a little patience and lots of love. (And a sunny window would be a nice bonus!)”

Is a Golden Hearts Cat the one for you?

We often prefer:
Quiet homes
Gentle voices
Low-key animal friends
Indoor environments

In exchange, we offer:
Unconditional love!

Golden Hearts Cat Adoptions
Adoption Fees Waived
Cats are spayed and neutered
Cats are vaccinated against rabies, feline distemper and feline leukemia
The McPherson County Humane Society will cover the cat’s annual exam and vaccinations for 2 years following the date of adoption

Talk to an MCHS volunteer about matching up with one of us!

Do you know someone who would be a purrfect fit for a Golden Hearts Cat? Download the flyer and share it with them!